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Water Mitigation

Rochester NY

Your home's entire ecosystem and moisture levels can be affected by a simple thing like a leaking pipe or something disastrous like a large waterflood or sewage leak. Whatever the problem, it's essential to reach out to a certified water remediation contractor who has experience in drying, and restoring a home to its pre-water loss condition. American Pro Remediation is here for you 24/7 ready to serve you and your home!


What Can Cause A Water Loss?

There is not just one-way water can end up in a place it doesn’t belong. When left untreated or not fully dried, many serious problems can evolve (such as mold, structural damage, etc.). Many common residential and commercial water damage causes are: 


  • Water damage or flood after a fire

  • Burst or leaking pipes from freezing, corrosion, clogs, etc.

  • Exposed or improper sealing of windows, doors, roofs

  • Toilet or Sewage overflow

  • Appliances leaking or overflow such as dishwashers or washing machines

  • Basement pumps malfunctioning

  • Storm damage from high wind, heavy snowfall/snowstorm, rain, hail

Our Water Mitigation Procedure

A home with any burst pipe, appliance malfunction, flood, or water loss will require some level of water mitigation and restoration. If you have any sewage backup or toxic leaks, you will need emergency service to keep you and your household safe. American Pro Remediation has a 24/7 all-week emergency service to get out and service you whenever required.

While water alone, as we know, can cause much damage, some may not realize the severity of its power. It can also be a great welcome mat for mold growth and spores to appear from ruining your floors, walls, ceilings, and home contents. It is crucial to get emergency service as quickly as possible to prevent more damage. 

When contacting American Pro in the Greater Rochester Area, you will receive:

  • Initial inspection

  • Shut off water source (if applicable)

  • Removal of furniture, contents, and salvageable/cleanable items

  • Water removal

  • Drying and dehumidifying

  • Water damage restoration & sanitation

  • Remediating/testing any mold or mildew found

  • Floor, ceiling, and wall reconstruction

  • Filing insurance claims assistance (if not working directly from the start)

Water Loss Inspections and Estimates are $250.00, payment needs to be made to the technician prior to arrival or handed directly over before the inspection begins. 

We do not fix leaks or find leaks or do any plumbing services of that nature, if you seek plumbing services please call a plumber prior to our arrival.


Why Choose American Pro?

Here at American Pro Remediation, we have been trained and certified to use our fleet's many recourses and equipment to ensure the best and most efficient water removal and restoration. As safety is our absolute priority for both our team and your family/building occupants, we caution while being quick, efficient, and effective. 
Being your best local, fully insured, certified, and licensed remediation company, we are here to help you through this stressful and uncertain emergency. With our highest quality

EPA-certified equipment, we are available 24/7 to come to your rescue.

To get started and get your Inspection today, call 585-406-3689

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