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Bio-Hazard Clean Up

Rochester NY

Bio-hazard cleaning is not a pretty or fortunate service to need, but accidents, trauma, and crime does happen and when it does we are there to help restore your property to its pre-hazard condition.

American Pro Remediation is your local, fully certified bio-hazard remediation technician company and we are ready to restore your property!


What Is Bio-Hazard Clean Up?

Many are not sure what the term Biological Hazard Clean Up is; in short, it is the process of disinfecting and sanitizing an area or location after an event that left behind biohazardous toxins, waste, microorganisms, and bacteria. Being just as bad as it sounds requires the help of licensed, experienced, and professionally trained technicians to secure the area and bring it back to safety standards for human and animal habitation. 

Trauma, death, and accidents happen that may result in the need of our services; the process of getting these situations taken care of can vary depending on the severity and if there is law enforcement involved. In such an unfortunate event, we cannot come onto the scene until police, fire & rescue, or other enforcement organizations allow civilians into the crime scene or secured location. Once we get the okay from them and the other parties have collected all evidence, we can come and clean, sanitize, disinfect and remediate the property back to its pre-hazard condition. 

BOPIM Standards

 The Blood or other Potentially Infectious Materials (BOPIM) standard was set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) back in 1991 to protect workers and those who may come in contact with, blood or other potentially infectious, harmful, and dangerous substances. 


Our primary focus at American Pro Remediation is the safety of our team and the safety of our customers. We follow all guidelines and requirements set by OSHA, IICRC, and the FDA when it comes to the way we sanitize, clean, and remediate any property we set foot on. The BOPIM standard sets the tone for how this biohazard restoration industry conducts business. We pride ourselves on following these and other guidelines to ensure the safety and protection of all humans and animals involved. 


Some BOPIM standards include:

  • Mandatory training and certifications

  • Proper handling, transport, and disposal of hazardous medical waste materials

  • Using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Using work practice controls

  • Conduct a Health and Safety Assessment (OSHA requirement)

  • Record keeping and documentation

  • Health and Medical Evaluations

  • Spot inspections of the workplace and property

Being in this industry and offering this service puts our team at significant risk or exposure, just as fire, mold, and water loss situations. Focusing on the health, protection, and safety of our team and the property residents is of utmost importance. Containing, cleaning, securing, and remediating a contaminated area requires precision, caution, and experience. Trust us to take care of it all for you. 


Bio-Hazard Services

Why Choose American Pro?

Not only are we available 24/7 for emergency service, we also are fully certified and equipped to handle a job of any size. We would love to be the company that helps you in your time of need no matter the job or emergency.


Priding ourselves on safety and bringing a smile to our customer's faces as we bring them peace of mind is our priority. Helping the great families and businesses of Rochester, NY is a great privilege that we don't take lightly. Call us day or night for mold, fire, water, and bio-hazard emergency response. 

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